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WP189 Design-based Small Area Estimation: A Nearest Neighbor Method for HIV Prevalence Estimation (English) 09/2022 Working Papers No
WP188 Examining the Association between Anemia and Early Childhood Development in 9 Low- and Middle-income Countries (English) 09/2022 Working Papers No
WP187 Harmful Cultural Traditions: An Analysis of Female Circumcision Practice in Maldives (English) 09/2022 Working Papers No
WP186 Information Communication Technologies and Intimate Partner Violence among Women in sub-Saharan Africa Countries (English) 09/2022 Working Papers No
WP185 Women’s Empowerment, Modern Energy, and Demand for Maternal Health Services in Benin (English) 09/2022 Working Papers No
WP184 Women’s Empowerment and Nutritional Status of Children in The Gambia: Further Analysis of the 2019–20 Gambia Demographic and Health Survey (English) 09/2022 Working Papers No
SAR22 Modeling COVID-19 Related Indicators at the Second Subnational Administrative Level (English) 09/2022 Spatial Analysis Reports No
MR33 Evaluation of Implausible Anthropometric Values by Data Collection Team in Demographic and Health Surveys 2010–2020 (English) 09/2022 Methodological Reports No
AS86 The Relationship between Digital Access and Use and Health Outcomes: Evidence from Demographic and Health Surveys (English) 09/2022 Analytical Studies No
AS85 Electrification and Refrigeration: Associations with Child Nutrition and Vaccination (English) 09/2022 Analytical Studies No
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